About us

About us

We are Oriel Boys High. For over 67 years, we have been the heart of holistic education in Zimbabwe. With a focus on the holistic development of each and every student, we encourage students to dream big and realize opportunities they might not imagine.


Oriel Boys School is dedicated to provide high quality and all round education to students in order to instill intellectual, physical, moral and cultural values which will enable them to become useful members of society in their community and the nation.


Since 1 July 1961, our mission is to churn out world wise graduates by providing pupils with every opportunity to achieve their personal BEST by using a broad academic, cultural, practical and sporting curriculum whilst maintaining values of discipline and behaviour. Mundus Sapienta Cohaeret translated the world is no world without knowledge, has been the school’s motto, and has helped nurture many skills in our students through motivation, perseverance, adaptability and the ability to communicate. Oriel Boys School teaches the personal values, academic qualities and sense of responsibility needed for life-long learning, community service and world citizenship through programs that are relevant, challenging and engaging.

The Administration

The HeadmasteR

Mr T. Mapuranga

The Deputy Head

Mrs A. Chidhakwa

The Senior Lady

Mrs N. Masamba

The Senior Teacher

Mr C. Pfumbi

"Ideas Will Just Remain Ideas If you Don't Act On Them"

Owen Mugumwa

The School Head Boy