Life after Oriel

Our students travel and move around the world pursuing both their studies and careers. They do return to Oriel to build the city where they grew up by teaching at Oriel and in public schools, starting their own businesses, starring in Zimbabwean films and drama, practicing law and medicine, and working for community nonprofit making companies etc.  As one admin member said, “It seems that our students go out and do whatever it is they want to do in life. That’s exactly what we want for out students, to live rewarding lives, feel proud of their accomplishments, and to make the world a more humane and exquisite place.


We encourage you to stay connected with Oriel, and involved with our Alumni Association. As an Oriel former student, you are not only a proud example of  Oriel’s successful legacy, but also a role model for future generations of students. Planning your reunion? Classes are encouraged to plan their 2019 reunion Weekends, reconnecting with classmates.

“Stay connected, involved and informed”

Give back to Oriel Boys, Join the alumni to support our beloved school. Stay in touch, follow us on facebook and twitter. For more information contact us.